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Karen Bishop’s new book Emergence: Answers to Your Awakening!

Karen Bishop’s Books Heart in the Night and her newest release

Links to our new book video trailers, and a brief planetary report.

EMERGENCE A very new book, Emergence / Finding New Life Amidst a Crashing World is
now ready to order.

International shipping is now available (shipping to the UK is only $4.40, and only $4.00
for all domestic orders for your entire order, along with many other ordering options!)
To read book excerpts, book description, watch the video book trailer, or to order,
kindly follow the link below: or you may visit our
website at

NEW BOOK TRAILERS Two new book trailers are ready for viewing.
These book trailers were created as companions for our newest books
(Heart in the Night and Emergence), and also designed to give you comfort in times to come.
You may access both of them on the Gama Books website through the link below: or go directly to the Heart in the Night trailer here: or Emergence trailer here:

Happy post 11:11:11! A doorway (or portal) to the very new
is now at our fingertips if we choose to walk through it.
A pivotal day, we may have found ourselves preparing in days prior.
Ultimate endings were very evident for many, as it was imperative that we drop or
release whatever no longer fit us. In this way, dangling relationships, old jobs,
business partners, personal patterns, and much of anything no longer in alignment with
our new life, was hollering at us to sever the connection. If we dragged our feet,
loving powers from above gave us a distinct nudge (and at times this nudge was
VERY DISTINCT and most uncomfortable!). So if we found ourselves in times of acute
discomfort from specific situations in recent days, for reasons distinct to each and every
one of us, it was simply God giving us that much needed nudge to let go and move on
(a lot about this in Emergence, along with the very new plan and why we go through a
massive drop in energy at times leaving us strangely depressed!).

In addition, whenever we experience a substantial relocation within our being,
we almost always go through a very dark portal to get there (and yes, Emergence speaks
of this as well). But this period of acute darkness is usually brief. Our bodies may be
responding to the 11 portal too, as our cells have released much. Fatigue, body aches,
lack of concentration, and exhaustion can be the result. We have then, distinctly let go.
But after this release comes a lightness and joy if we have really and truly let go.
Jumping off a cliff can be challenging at times, but God always, but always, provides a net.
It is time for the new.

A very new and different new, and the portal of the 11 has arrived to
assist. Even so, the bottoming-out phase of our new ascension process is still very much
at hand, and it is here for a very distinct purpose as outlined in the new book. Personally,
I believe that these phases and efforts from above at getting us where we need to be,
go on far longer than needed, and as has happened many times in the past, the human
response to planetary conditions and nudges from above has been mis-calculated at best.
Nonetheless, we have made great progress even though it may not appear so at times.
It is simply that so much is crashing around us and so much darkness has arisen as part
of the process, that it can be difficult to see through it all. The new is here, most assuredly,
and it will soon be peeking through the clouds.

Emergence was due to be released several days ago, but due to some problems with
text fonts, along with delays in correspondence matters, strangely enough it finally
became available on the 11th , with the official ordering page not ready until today.
Emergence is all about being released into the new. It is about creating a new dream.
It is about starting all over again. So in this way, the release date of the 11th is very ideal
and not a coincidence I suppose!

It is time for us to do what makes each and every one
of us happy. It is time for us to tend to ourselves and to create our own personal heaven on
earth. And this is what Emergence is all about. Emergence begins where Heart in the Night left
off. Please find below the Introduction to the book and how it came into being:
Happy Reading and much love to you all,

Karen INTRODUCTION IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO discontinuing my work as a writer of our
spiritual evolutionary process, I released three mini e-books: Heaven’s Gate (2009),
Crossing Over (2009), and Creating the New Reality (2010).

These books have never existed in print form. As I have moved on, I have found myself
making my prior books available to the public once again. In this way,
these three mini e-books (which are no longer available in e-book format) have now been
compiled into one print book, found within the pages that follow.

As I reviewed these prior e-books, it became ever evident that this information is relevant
once again. In 2011, we began to utilize a new process for evolutionary growth, and because
this new process has been successful after so many prior processes had failed, we are now at
a point where we can begin once again, only in a very new way. This book then, contains
information that is now very relevant to where we left off as we are starting all over once again.
To make Emergence as concise and relevant as possible, I have extracted from these e-books,
only pertinent and vital information that applies to where we are today in our process.

In this way, it still makes sense, is alive and relevant, and can assist us as we move into a
very new reality. Part One contains the extractions of the three e-books.
There are various sections along the way that are marked with an Update.
It is here that you will find the most recent information regarding what you have just read,
or information that further explains where we currently are and why.

After compiling the information within these e-books, it became very evident that a new
section needed to be added as well. Part Two was then added, which contains 60 pages of
entirely new information. I felt it important to add this very new information as our ascension
process has greatly changed. Part Two describes our new process in detail, along with how
you may be affected and what is in store for us along the way.

Emergence begins where Heart in the Night left off. In this way, they are very much soul
partners created to assist, soothe, and give comfort while we wait for the planet to complete
its many changes. May you enjoy Emergence, may it validate your experience, and may
you find love and joy within its pages.
Wishing you great love and happiness in times to come,

Karen Bishop Gama Books





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